More information about us

At Kine-Osteo-Paris8e we offer a unique approach to caring for your back and overall health. Our clinic is based on the principles of dedication, professionalism and a deep understanding of the individual needs of each patient.

Individual Approach:

Our team of highly qualified doctors and therapists develop unique treatment programs based on your physical condition, pain level and your personal goals.

Experience and Expertise:

We are proud of our rich experience in the field of osteopathy, kinesiotherapy and manual therapy. Our specialists constantly improve their skills, follow innovations and apply advanced treatment methods.

Care and Warmth:

At Kine-Osteo-Paris8e you will feel warm and cared for from the moment you enter. Our friendly atmosphere is designed to make you feel comfortable and confident during every visit.

Technologies and Equipment:

We use modern equipment and advanced technology to provide effective and precise treatment. Our methods are based on best practices and scientific research.

Education and Enlightenment:

We not only treat, but also teach. Our goal is to give you the tools and knowledge to take charge of your health and prevent back problems.

Sports and Active Lifestyle:

We support a healthy lifestyle. Our programs include not only treatment, but also recommendations for physical activity, strengthening muscles and maintaining activity in everyday life.

Francois Martin

"I am grateful to the doctors for their professionalism and care. Every visit brings relief and confidence in my health."

Elisa Russo

"The Kine-Osteo-Paris8e clinic is not just a medical facility, but a place where every patient is valued. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for care for their back."

Anette Dupont

"I am very pleased with the results of treatment at Kine-Osteo-Paris8e. The doctors are not only qualified, but also ready to listen to you and offer an individual treatment plan."